Do You See What I See? (Do I See What I See?!)

It seems like every day now I notice something that’s been there forever but I just never really paid attention to it. I saw it but I wasn’t SEEING it. What exactly it is that enables the foot to slide into the crack of the door of my attention, I do not know. But today it happened again. I was driving, more slowly than usual, on a street I must hit 20 times a week and just today noticed the blue house with the blue tree. What a beautiful tree. [Oh! I just had an *‘aha’ moment: I’ve become a tree freak. When did that happen? What does this mean? I’ve really changed. I will actually deviate trajectory, stop and turn around, to go back and look at a tree. A tree. Hmmm, yes what would Freud do with that?]


This tree and this house are so lovely together, don’t you think? That tree makes me believe the owners must love where they live. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the hues in their garden meld so harmoniously together and with their home. I imagine the owners pouring over stacks of tree books around the kitchen table, comparing colors, sizes, species, sweeping difficulty, and all other tree-choice considerations, on a Sunday morning with pots of coffee and delicious bread from our delicious downtown bakery. (Oh wait, we don’t have a delicious downtown bakery – this is the subject of another future blog post: “Businesses We’d All Frequent in Downtown La Mesa If They Existed”…)  Final verdict: to the left, magnolia. To the right, blue. But did they pick the tree for the house paint or the house paint for the tree? In any case its charm is all wrapped up in its discretion.  Charm and discretion make an alluring pair. Discretion makes things hard to see, and easy to miss. But when you don’t miss them, when you do happen to SEE them,  the fact that they were difficult to discover sets the charm factor into motion…

Once again, I’ll probably say it a jillion times, La Mesa is full of treasures. I find one every day.


It's less blue up close than from far away. Anyone know the name of the species?

*an ‘aha’ moment (a distant cousin to the ‘senior moment’ in the family of moments) is where you feel like you’ve stumbled across some new truth about yourself, when in reality for it to feel the way it does that truth has had to sit there waiting for you to notice it for some time. Probably if your subconscious had anything to say about it he/she’d call it a duh-ha moment.


One response to “Do You See What I See? (Do I See What I See?!)

  1. Am I allowed to comment on every post? So until I hear otherwise…this post woke something up inside me…it made me re-remember why I love living here. I heart you.

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