The Price You Pay

To every action there exists an equal and opposite reaction. The Yin and the Yang. Can’t have your cake and eat it too. (The French version: can’t have the butter and the butter money too – those French, it’s all about butter.) Yep, you know what I mean – you can’t live in one of the nicest places on earth without having something scourge-y… like an earthquake.

If I were to paint a picture of the square footage around our front door it would include a child on the couch, a child on the thing we optionally use as a couch or a place to throw things we don’t want to sit on on the real couch, and a child on a mattress on the floor. No, we do not usually live like rodents, but after the 5.7 earthquake that just hit, there’s nobody who wants to sleep upstairs. Please note, I, and the children that were standing outside on the front lawn with me, all felt that this was much bigger than 5.7. This is the first time we have actually got up and left the premises since the 7-pointer on Easter day. It felt like we were in a rickety wood frame house from the 40’s. Oh wait, we were! What made it momentarily confusing is that I was in a crackiest part of the house (under the wooden A-frame roof) putting away something in the dark when it sounded like the wood all around me had formed into a sort of cracky wave of sound. This was only confusing for a short moment, until my This Might Be an Emergency guy took over the controls and pulled all the levers and strings to make me behave in the Calm Mother Hastily Evacuating Her Offspring From Possible Doom mode. I quickly instructed all my rodents to “oh my god let’s get outta here!” which they did in acceptable fashion. I did have to halt the exodus momentarily to let Henry catch up – he is the only one who has to negotiate a ladder to get out of bed.

If we were in a Who Wins A Fight Between a Tiger and a Shark kind of mood, we might ask What’s Worse an Earthquake or a Tornado? I say an earthquake, because at least with a tornado you have some possibility of getting the news out before it hits. How about Which Would You Rather, Have a Sizable Earthquake or Never Eat a Donut Again? Ooo, there’ll be heated debate tomorrow at breakfast.

Hopefully, everyone will have a peaceful (cakeless) night.


2 responses to “The Price You Pay

  1. What a night! Earthquakes and coyotes too..a little tired this morning after such an exciting night in La Mesa!

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