Good-Bye Spring, Hello Summer

For some reason Spring is traditionally the season that I spend asking myself “what’s today?” whenever I have to write a check. March? April? May? I have to actually think about it. My internal clock must be really busy because it sort of disconnects from the newsroom of my brain. I think my internal clock has several guys running it. The one that knows what time it is is very reliable, to the minute. Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night I play a game. I try to guess what time it is before I glance at the alarm clock near the bed. I’m usually within 2 minutes. Then there’s the guy that knows how long to leave the cake in the oven. I help him by setting the oven timer but when it comes to refining – adding or subtracting minutes, even seconds, to make it just perfect – he’s the man.

It’s the guy who knows when the soft-boiled eggs are done and the guy that answers when I ask “what’s today?” that aren’t pulling their weight. Maybe they’re playing poker in the hold? Anyway, once again, Spring has just slipped through my fingers. I’m glad I used my camera a lot. There were some beautiful days. Here are a few pictures to keep us going when Summer temperatures make us wish for the softer days of Spring. (Note: all of these were taken within a half mile of downtown La Mesa. Isn’t she pretty? )

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One response to “Good-Bye Spring, Hello Summer

  1. Love the blog, Cindy….keep it coming!

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