Answer: The Guessing Game #3

Do you think you know La Mesa like the back of your hand? See if you know where this tiny piece of La Mesa fits into the puzzle of the city.


Hint: a necessary service we could all do without.
If you don’t know, keep your eyes peeled this week.  Were you right?

If you guessed the Erickson Anderson mortuary, you are right! It’s on the corner of Alison and La Mesa Blvd. It’s not longer called Erickson Anderson (as it was for so many years). It’s now called El Camino Memorial – part of a chain. I really like their color scheme and think they make a visually appealing corner. I’ve never been inside (and am not planning to for a LONG time! :-) )


2 responses to “Answer: The Guessing Game #3

  1. Is it the mortuary near La Mesa Blvd. and Alison?

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