Pix 11.15.10

Tennis courts. I used to take them for granted. They seem to be everywhere around town. They’re free and often available, and even lighted for evening play. Then I lived in Paris, the land of $1000 per square foot real estate (i.e. developers find more lucrative things to do with a large empty flat space than build a space for people to whack a ball back and forth!)  Tennis  is very popular — France is after all the home of Roland-Garros —  and courts exist but access to them is defined by supply and demand. You have to join (read: €)  a private club to reserve a private court at a specific time, a specific day, if they’re not taken already… or reserve a space at city courts which are always in high demand. I’m not saying it’s impossible to play tennis, it’s just more complicated. That’s why I appreciate the simplicity of the court in Collier Park. A great place to play a game of tennis with all your friends.  :)

PS: The tennis courts in the Luxembourg Garden in Paris are particularly pretty.




2 responses to “Pix 11.15.10

  1. Did you know…that I still hold the record for the fastest recorded serve at Collier Park? 143.2mph, on September 16, 1990. Best regards, DHH

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