Pix 11.25.10

Like probably most of us, there are a few things in my life I wish were going better. The other day I was doing a yoga class and the teacher was making us hold a pose I wasn’t very comfortable in. I found myself wishing I could stop even though I knew it was not a physical imperative (like maybe I was going to ruin a hamstring or something). Out of the blue came this thought: one day (hopefully later than sooner) I may be sick and paralyzed in a hospital bed, and I’ll look back to a moment like this yoga class and think, “Oh how I wish I could be uncomfortable for a few moments like that, and when I stop, I’ll stand up, grab my bag, and skip out the door to the rest of my life.” Suddenly doing that yoga pose felt like being set free. It felt so good. I just needed to see it from a different angle. So, today I’m going to lump all my stuff together, the good and the not so good, give it a good swirl, and be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!



2 responses to “Pix 11.25.10

  1. That is perfect Cindy. This family is thankful for yours!

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