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Pix 12.17.10

La Mesa is unique in its civil amenities (you know, cool stuff we need). It has, amongst many other useful edifices and institutions:

a hospital
a baseball field
an amphitheater on the top of a mountain
a true downtown
a library
a trolley
a lumber yard
a historic home district
an old industrial district
a dump
a lake
3 music/instrument stores (not including Guitar Center)
a golf course

AND AN INDOOR SOCCER FIELD. If you like soccer at all, you should check out a game on the weekend. There are many levels/ages of teams. It’s a fast moving, exciting sport and it’s free to watch.




Pix 12.15.10

The $7 cut. Gray-speckled white linoleum. Fluorescent lights. Too much empty space. Right-wing radio. Cash only. A barber from afar. A shop a world away from the streets he grew up in, and from everything right outside the door. Excellent results. Our new favorite.


Pix 12.12.10

My kids are in there. This was their favorite part of La Mesa’s Christmas in the Village last night. My favorite part was the fire pits they installed up and down La Mesa Blvd with chairs so people could sit around and roast marshmallows. I also really liked the various singing and instrumental groups that sang/played classic Christmas songs. Very cool La Mesa. Two thumbs up from me (the fan of community get-togethers).


Pix 12.05.10

There is something Hopperesque about this window…


Pix 12.03.10

The “little” guy I found on the porch…


Pix 12.02.10

With this cold snap, even the birds look like Muscovites sunning themselves (naked under fur coats against brick walls!)


Pix 11.30.10

I hesitated between posting this picture and a picture of the SigAlert I sat in for an hour at 10pm last night. Guess what this means? I am no longer a Christmas-Lights-in-November Curmudgeon! I love them, even in November. (People really CAN change!)